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VII Kings: Belgian Dark Strong Ale

This beer is easily one of our more notorious brews. It won the silver medal for Belgian Dark Strong Ales at the World Beer Cup, thus making it the second best Belgian Dark Strong Ale in the world.

ABV: 9.5%

IBU: 35

Bavarinator Doppelbock

Brewed with Munich-style malts, this dark German lager is reminiscent of lightly-toasted bread. Originally brewed by monks to sustain them during lengthy fasts. They referred to the beer as “liquid bread”. The rich maltiness contributes to a toasty, sweet, and chocolate-like fruity finish.

ABV: 7.4%

IBU: 25

Shamrock Hustle Irish Red

Featuring Maris Otter Malt, this beer uses the finest UK ingredients. It shines a reddish-brown hue. Perfect for any palate, it features a light malt with a familiar, but distinct hop balance.

ABV: 6.0%

IBU: 35

Nosotros Tomamos Mexican Lager

Our Mexican Lager has a new name, but the same crisp, refreshing flavor! It goes great with a squeeze of fresh lime!

ABV: 5.2%

IBU: 25

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